Do I really need to share my screen?

We’ve designed the experience so it will work well over various video conferencing platforms. However, you are not required to share your screen. You can share the URL for the board to other members of the group, and they can see the board for themselves.

When are you adding other games?

New games are in progress - let us know if you have a favorite you’d like to see on BreakBase!

How much does this cost?

Secret Hitler is free, licensed under the Creative Commons. Future games may be available for purchase or membership options.

What if I don’t know the rules?

We’ve linked the rules on the game’s entry page. There are also some instructions that will guide you through game play.

Do I need an account?

In order to start a room, you do need to register an account. We’ve made it simple so that you can just login with Google - no special password needed. If someone else invited you to play a game - nothing else is needed!