With friends and family spread in their homes across the country, one thing we miss is the chance to take a break together and play board games. Video calls are great to catch up with old friends, but how many times can you ask someone about their sourdough starter? Other games might let you sell turnips to Elijah Wood, but you’re still playing alone talking to animated characters. When you want to play a game as a group, we know you want a simple platform that lets you connect and relax together. 

Welcome to BreakBase, where you can play social board games quickly and easily with friends wherever they are. We’ve designed the game to work with Zoom, or Facetime, or whatever your video conference platform of choice may be. Simply start a room, share the link with friends, and they’ll be in the game. We’ve designed the main screen so that it’s easy to have up and share your screen, so that everyone has a central game board. 

Secret Hitler is the first game we've launched, but more are coming! Let us know if you have a favorite game we can help build on BreakBase. 

The world is stressful and unpredictable right now and sometimes, you just need to escape.

Come take a break with us.